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Camelback Ski Patrol

Our Mission

We are a member-driven association. Our members support and participate in the ski and outdoor recreation community by providing emergency care, rescue, and educational services.

Support Us

Camelback Ski Patrol members gladly donate their time and effort, but much of the patrol's equipment and training materials are purchased with money raised through donations and fundraising activities.  We heavily rely on the public to recognize and support the beneficial role the patrol plays in the community. 

Get Involved

There's nothing more rewarding than putting in a hard day's work and having a good time with friends while helping guests and enhancing the safety of the mountain.  If you love the great outdoors, skiing and/or riding in all types of snow, and assisting those who need medical care, Camelback Ski Patrol is right for you.  Check us out!

Who We Are

The Camelback Ski Patrol is primarily responsible for the rescue and emergency care of visitors to Camelback Mountain and is a chapter member of the National Ski Patrol (NSP).  The Patrol also seeks to promote safe recreation practices in the mountain environment and to provide necessary assistance to Camelback's guests. Along the way, we have a great time furthering our own skills and enjoying the great camaraderie of our team of like-minded folks! 

OET Training
OET Training
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